Meet A Sponsor

Green Drop Garage fixes cars in SE Portland and is committed to reducing their environmental impact. In order to do so they provide “Eco-Friendly Oil Changes,” by using high quality re-refined motor oil that takes 85% less energy to produce, because it is reclaimed waste oil, instead of motor oil derived from virgin crude oil. Green Drop Garage also uses low-VOC chemicals, harvests rain-water, and promotes alternative forms of transportation. For instance, when your car is being serviced you can use an all-electric smart car (we’ll be using it as a support vehicle during Pedal Pursuit) or a loaner bike. Green Drop Garage is a certified B-Corp and Certified Eco Biz.

In addition to their environmental work, Green Drop Garage works hard to benefit the community as a whole, from providing their own employees with full benefits and continuing education, to providing free repair services for non-profits, teaching classes and supporting local farmers.