Meet Our Sponsor: Chris King – Precision Bike Components

Since 1976, Chris King has produced incredibly high-quality bike components – bearings, hub sets, headsets, and more. One of the last bike component manufacturers in the country, the company relocated to NW Portland in 2003.  Sourcing its products from domestic mills only to ensure the highest quality, they are legendary in the bicycle world for their commitment to craftsmanship. In a world of single use disposal products, Chris King makes components that last lifetimes. 

Since its inception, Chris King has prioritized sustainability when executing its mission to produce bike components.  The company pioneered a cutting-edge thermal mass system to capture excess energy from its manufacturing processes to heat and cool its 73,000 square foot facility, pulling about the same amount of energy from the grid as a normal house.  The company uses canola oil instead of cutting coolant – one of the biggest waste products in manufacturing processes – and recycles excess metal.  In addition to striving for this closed-loop manufacturing process, the company is on track to become the first bike company certified as a B-corporation, which requires adhering to rigorous environmental, social, transparency, and accountability standards.  

Overall, Chris King’s commitment to making durable components, limiting its manufacturing footprint, and putting purpose over profit is remarkable.  

Check out this photo essay to learn more the company’s unique manufacturing system here.