Ok, really… What is Pedal Pursuit?

Pedal Pursuit is NEDC’s largest public fundraiser for the year. This city-wide scavenger hunt by bike melds some of Portland’s greatest attributes: bikes, bridges, local businesses, and environmentally conscious riders. The event will involve teams of up to 5 participants each, in an entertaining yet challenging bike rally. Teams will face physical challenges, games, and trivia questions as they navigate through Portland by bike. By successfully accomplishing the challenge or correctly answering a question, teams receive a clue to the next checkpoint.

Breaking it down:

  • Teams of 2-5 participants, on bikes
  • Solve trivia, face physical challenges, and play games at each checkpoints along the secret bike course
  • Successful feats win the team a clue to the next checkpoint
  • Be the first team to reach the party at the finish line, with the opportunity to win prizes along the way!