Get to know Our Sponsors: Keller Rohrback

Pedal Pursuit is made possible by a wonderful group of generous sponsors. One such sponsor is Keller Rohrback L.L.P Law Offices.

Founded in 1919, Keller Rohrback has over 65 attorneys and 100 staff members providing legal services to clients nationwide from their offices in Seattle, Phoenix, New York and Santa Barbara. They have a national reputation as a go-to plaintiffs’ firm for large-scale, complex individual and class action cases. They represent public and private investors, businesses, governments, and individuals in a wide range of actions, including securities fraud, fiduciary breach, antitrust, whistleblower, environmental, and products liability cases.

Dan Mensher, a Keller Rohrback attorney based out of their Seattle office, is also a NEDC board member. Dan has litigated water and waste cases across the country, including Northwest Environmental Advocates vs. US EPA, National Fish & Wildlife Service, and National Marine Fisheries Service. Dan also secured a $10 million clean-up fund to address landfill leachate contaminating groundwater and the Tualatin River in Northwest Environmental Defense Center v. Grabhorn, Inc.

We recently caught up with Dan to learn more about his work at Keller Rohrback, and why he is a supporter of NEDC’s work.


Q&A with Keller Rohrback Attorney Dan Mensher

Describe Keller Rohrback and your work with the firm.

I work in the the complex litigation department, where we represent plaintiffs in a bunch of different kinds of cases including class actions, security fraud, antitrust, environmental, and products liability cases. [At Keller Rohrback] we bring cases all over the country and litigate a wide range of issues.

For example, the two most recent cases demonstrate the breadth of what we do: we sued an aftermarket sporting event ticket promoter when a bunch of people bought Super Bowl tickets for about $1000 each and found out while they were standing outside the stadium that the seller did not have the tickets.

Another recent case is against Lumber Liquidators for having excessive amounts of formaldehyde in their laminate flooring. That’s not good for people and that’s not good for the environment. We also have a couple hazardous waste cleanup cases where we are representing municipalities trying to get sites cleaned up.

How have you stayed involved with NEDC?

I am on the Board of Directors of NEDC. I stay intimately aware of all of its goings on and I have remained a big proponent of people hiring NEDC students. I have talked with potential employers as a recommender for a number of NEDC students. I would love to be able to hire NEDC grads here as we expand our environmental practice.

What makes NEDC such a valuable organization for people and environment of the Pacific Northwest?

NEDC is full of extraordinary and thoughtful people who are amazingly good at deploying their extremely limited resources in ways that make extraordinary differences–both physical differences on the ground and in the water and differences in the courtroom.

NEDC is extremely efficient in using its resources. NEDC does amazing amounts of things, in no small part because of students, and through both its permanent staff and senior student leaders who train people who are relatively new to the field of environmental law. It’s an overwhelming job of taking people and making them understand what it means to be an advocate–a lawyer in general, but also a lawyer on behalf of the environment. They are really efficient and really good at their jobs.

Part of their job is to train students to go out and have a ripple effect by working in fantastic places and doing great work as they move through their own careers.

Which city has better coffee: Seattle or Portland?

It’s Seattle now, because I roast my own. So it’s wherever I am. Boom. Take that, Seattle and Portland.


Thanks again to Keller Rohrbeck for being a sponsor of Pedal Pursuit and a supporter of NEDC.

Pedal Pursuit is a bike adventure race on April 4, 2015 in Portland, OR.  Teams compete by solving clues and playing games at checkpoints along the bike course. Everyone celebrates and wins prizes at the finish line after-party at Migration Brewing Company. All proceeds of Pedal Pursuit benefit NEDC. Register for Pedal Pursuit today!