The object of Pedal Pursuit is to solve clues, master physical challenges, and complete the Course as quickly as possible. As such, the Winner will be the Team that completes the Course in the shortest time.

Teams consist of up to five people riding bicycles. A Team’s Time will be calculated by subtracting any Time Bonuses from the time it takes for the Team to complete the Course.

The Course: The Course is a series of Checkpoints. The Teams may take any path on bicycles between the checkpoints. The Team must stop at each Checkpoint in the correct order.

Checkpoints: Checkpoints are a location where the Team will receive a Clue or complete a Challenge.

Clues: The Clues will be given to Teams at various Checkpoints.  You must use your brain to solve the riddle in the Clue.  Solving the riddle correctly will lead you to the next Checkpoint.

Challenges: Challenges will be given to Teams at various Checkpoints.  A Challenge will be a physical activity that must be completed by all or some members of the Team, as directed.  Once a Challenge is completed the Team will be given the location of the next Checkpoint.

How to get Unlost: If you can’t find the next Checkpoint, all you have to do is ask and we will give you directions. It will only cost you thirty minutes (we will add it to your time at the finish).  To get directions, go back to any of the Checkpoints you have already completed, including Lagunitas Brewing’s Portland Community Room, and we will get you pointed in the right direction.

Is there a way for my Team to earn extra credit?  Why yes there is! Each team will be given a list of people, places or things to keep an eye out for on the Course.  If your Team spies one of the people/places/things on the list, you may receive Instagram Extra Credit. You simply take a photo of something on the list, Instagram it making sure to tag @PedalPursuit and include #PedalPursuit in the caption, and your Team will receive a Time Bonus.

Time Bonuses will vary in their value, depending on how difficult a task was completed.  Time Bonuses will be subtracted from your Team’s Time at the end of the race.

More Rules (because we are lawyers, and we like them):

  1. The start will be staggered.
  2. All Team members must complete the entire Course.
  3. All Team members must be present at all Checkpoints before a Clue is obtained or a Challenge is attempted, and must remain at the Checkpoint until the Challenge is completed.
  4. At least one Team member must have an Instagram account accessible by smart phone during the event.
  5. Stay off busy roads.  The course has been specifically designed to allow riders to traverse bike boulevards and quiet side streets to most efficiently reach the next Checkpoint.  
  6. The use of the interwebs to aid in completing the Course is perfectly legal. And at least one member of each Team must have a smart phone and an Instagram account.
  7. Helmets must be worn whenever riding a bicycle.
  8. The use of any form of car, truck, bus, scooter, or motorcycle is prohibited.  The use of train and lightrail public transportation is permitted.
  9. Getting run over, crashing or getting a ticket would suck. Obey traffic laws.
  10. The Jury will determine the Winner.
  11. In the case of a tie, the Winner will be decided by a feat of strength to be announced by the Jury.
  12. The Jury will consist of Allison LaPlante and Melissa Powers.
  13. Cheating of any kind will result in elimination.  Any Team eliminated will have to live with the fact that they cheated at a scavenger hunt raising money for a non-profit organization for the rest of their lives.

As a reminder, please make sure to register your team in advance.